Custom quilting for Deb of Victor, NY

I am a quilter who doesn't have much time to quilt.  So when I complete a project, I'm always looking for that special person to quilt my work and make them unique.   Angie was recommended to me by two close friends.  They said I wouldn't be sorry that I let Angie do the quilting and they were right!!   I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my quilt.  It is truly one a kind.  From the start, Angie talked to me about different options.  She listened carefully to my likes / dislikes (feathers, hahaha) and then made suggestions.  She sent me several pictures of ideas and we talked about how they might work in the large open areas of the quilt.  Once she started the quilt, she called me again, with further suggestions.  I wasn't really sure exactly what I would get, but when I opened the quilt, I was overjoyed.  It is simply stunning and even better than I could have imagined.  Poor Angie, she has a customer for life!!  I will be recommending her to all my friends.

Custom quilting for Maxine, Conklin, NY

Custom quilting for Kate, Ithaca NY

My husband and I are so incredibly pleased with your quilt artistry! 
We will let others know and would love to have your artful eye and hands again with a future project, just wanted to tell you.  You are so talented and I can tell you love doing this.  My family is oohing and ahhing! 

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!  You really understand my artistic vision!!!

Custom quilting for Shelly, Binghamton, NY

Oh, thank you, thank you again!!  I truly can’t express how much this means to me!!!  Looking at the tops of these quilts had just been discouraging to me, mostly because I worked hard on them, loved them, but couldn’t use them.  I told myself that as soon as I got a “real” job, I’d have them quilted, but for some reason, though I thought about it off and on, I just didn’t.  I’m so glad I waited until you were ready!!!  Both of these are so special to me.

Custom quilting for Deb, Wrentham, MA

I cannot thank you enough for the most amazing work.  It is exactly how I pictured my quilt to look.  I love the work that you did on it and am so happy that it is now completed. I cannot wait to see the look on my friend's face when she sees what I did with the original pattern that she gave me many years ago for my birthday.

...How do I say thank your for not only your quilting expertise, but also for your kindness?  I thought I would share that I just got home from our quilt show and am proud to say that I was awarded a second place ribbon and two vendor choice ribbons...

I am always amazed when I get one of my quilts back! Angie has the "magic touch" to make each quilt a work of art. She has a wonderful sense of color and style. Highly recommended!

Custom quilting for Cindy, Spencer, NY

Custom quilting for Pat, Elmira, NY

Dan's Card Tricks

Kudos to Angie for making me a believer! I’ve quilted for years and years and ... well, years... and always quilted my own with varying degrees of success. Heard about the great work Angie does, and decided to give her my latest to quilt up for me. It came out absolutely beautiful! So professional. And I especially appreciated that she took the time to make it all perfect for me, and put on such beautiful designs. I had pretty much given her free reign to tweak the design after we talked about what I had in mind, and it came out just amazing. I am now a total believer in the difference professional quilting makes on a quilt. Thanks, Angie!

Working on my quilt at Angie’s was great! She is a very good (and patient) teacher that got me up to speed on her longarm very quickly. She was a great help in all stages of quilting. She makes fantastic quilts herself, so has lots of ideas that can make your quilt really special. She really knows her machine so can help you if you ever find yourself in a bind. The area she has her longarm in is really nice and makes it easy to work on a quilt. If you need to finish off a quilt with some special quilting, you can’t do better than to make use of Angie’s machines and expertise. I am so pleased with the way my quilt turned out, and it would not have been possible without Angie.

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