The following are starting prices for the individual quilt sizes. **Fabric kits are not included in these price estimates.

Wallhanging (up to 36x36) $325 

Lap Quilt (up to 50x60) $425

Twin (65x88) $575

Full (80x88) $680

Queen (86x94) $850 

King (108x96) $1,075

Options & Accessories

Photos $20 per photo -- transferred onto fabric for quilt, up to size 8x10

Hanging sleeve $20-$30 –- a fabric sleeve sewn on the back of your  quilt makes it easy to hang with a dowel (A sleeve is included in the price of wall hangings)

Quilt-size pillowcase $30-$65 -- This is a nice way to present your gift  and can also be used for storage. 

Set of 2 Bed Pillowcases

$40 Standard

$50 Queen

$55 King

specialty quilts


Memorial Quilts- After the loss of loved ones, deciding what to do with their clothing can be very difficult. Memorial quilts offer one option that will create a lasting memory you can pass on to future generations.

Growing Years Quilts - Hanging onto some of your children’s clothing from their early years…even if they now have children of their own? Rather than keeping them in a bag in the closet, showcase these precious items in a wallhanging or lap quilt.

Baby, Wedding & Anniversary Quilts - Purchase $5 fabric kits** for family and friends to send special messages to the wedding or anniversary couple or to the new parents & baby.

T-shirt Quilts - Whether your T-shirt collection includes mementos from a high school sports career, vacations spent with family, or your favorite bands, a T-shirt quilt is a great way to display them …and to make room in your dresser drawers. T-shirt quilts also make great gifts for Father’s or Mother’s Day, college-bound grads, and retirees. T-shirts are trimmed to be all the same size, then put in a grid setting with sashings in between. The number of T-shirts that can be used depends on both the size of the T-shirt's logos / pictures and the quilt size your choose, and ranges from up to 20 for a lap quilt to 50 for a King-size quilt. All quilts are finished by machine with a looping pattern of simple shapes, such as hearts & flowers. Other quilting options may be available, depending on the materials used and the layout of the quilt.