Prepping Your Quilt

• Cut and remove all excess thread on both sides of the quilt top and backing.

• Press the quilt top & backing, and also the batting if necessary.

• Both the batting and backing should measure 6-8" longer and wider than the quilt top; e.g., the batting and backing for a 90”x108” top must measure at least 96”x114” but preferably 98"x116"

• Trim all quilt top edges even & indicate the top with a safety pin.

• Secure all edge seams -- tension from the frame will pull edge seams open if they are not secured.

• Square up the backing -- if your backing is not square it will not roll up properly, causing sags and puckers that are unavoidable.

• If the backing needs to be pieced, cut off selvages if there are any, and sew together with a 1/2” seam allowance. VERY IMPORTANT – make sure all backing seams are ironed open.

• Don’t baste your quilt in any way.

• Wait to add all embellishments (buttons, charms, pins, etc.) until after the quilt has been quilted.

• Pin a label indicating the “top” of the quilt front and back.

• No sheets or drapery linings for backings.

Short on time?

Quilt preparation services, available at $20/hour, include pressing, mending, squaring up backings & batting, trimming threads, and other services.

Edge to Edge (Pantograph) begins at $0.015 / sq. inch (Minimum charge is $60)

A single pattern is used on the entire quilt top (including borders) from left to right / top to bottom. A variety of designs are available.

Semi-Custom begins at $0.025 / sq. inch (Min. $70) A custom look is achieved using a single pattern in the center of the quilt, while a different distinct treatment is given to the border. Additional charges apply for multiple borders that you want treated individually.

Custom begins at $0.035/sq. inch (Min. $90.00) Choose from a variety of pattern designs to enhance your quilt and emphasize specific elements, including blocks, sashing, multiple borders, and corners.

*All prices include the use of 1 solid color thread. A charge of $2 is added for each additional color change and $8-10 (depending on quilt size) for variegated thread.

Other Services

Binding applied by machine: (customer provides binding ready to be applied) $0.150/linear inch on front or back only $0.30/linear inch on front and back

Seam Backing: $10 per seam to stitch Basting: $.008/sq. inch (Min $45) Sleeve: $.25/linear inch – machine sewn on top edge, customer supplies fabric & finishes sewing down.

Quilt Preparation: $20/hour

Longarm services

Longarm Pricing* & Options

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The best way to guarantee your satisfaction with your finished quilt is to bring well-prepared backings, battings, and quilt tops. See "Prepping your quilt" below for suggestions. Quilt preparation service is also available.

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Quilter's Dream Batting is available for purchase by the yard

Quilter’s Dream blend 70/30 cotton / poly, Select (mid-loft) Baby / craft, 61" wide $8

Queen, 93" wide $10.50

King, 122" wide $14

Quilter's Dream Poly

Baby / craft, 61" wide $6.50

Queen, 93" wide $8.50

King, 122" wide $11

Quilter's Dream 100% Cotton Select (mid -loft), Natural

Baby / craft, 61" wide $9.50

Queen, 93" wide $12

King, 122" wide $15

All longarm service and batting prices are subject to change.