Quilting By Proxy offers Longarm Quilting Services, if you prefer to have your quilt finished up by me, and Rental time on my 26" Innova longarm, if you prefer to finish your own quilt. (Renting time is also a great way to "test drive" a machine if you're thinking / dreaming about buying one.)

In addition to these quilting options, I also offer a variety of Specialty quilts that you can give as personalized gifts or keep as a remembrance of a loved one. For all of these services, I will make an appointment with you, whether in person or by phone, to talk about how to turn your ideas into a beautiful quilt to cherish yourself or give away. Contact me by phone or email to get started.

Every quilter knows that UFOs**:

- take up too much room

- claim time you can't spare

- keep you from starting new projects because you feel guilty about the accumulating pile of tops

- are an annoying reminder of gifts that were never given. (Of course, you always have the option of giving that baby quilt to your first grandson... even if he's 25 now.)

(**Unfinished Objects, for those of you who haven't caught the quilting bug...yet)

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